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October 26th 2012

In this months newsletter I would like to tell you about a recent conference that I was invited to speak at, which has inspired me to pass on some top tips and techniques for presenting. I would also like to share with you a story about how George Michael met Kung Fu Panda! More about that later.

So in this edition:

  • 25 years of the NACC
  • Presentation Tips and Techniques
  • George Michael meets Kung Fu Panda

NACC Training and Development Forum
I would like to start by thanking Mary Wedge and Roger Kellow from the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) for inviting me to speak at their annual conference back in September.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day Training and Development Forum, and for those of you who are not familiar with the NACC, they are an organisation representing professionals providing catering to the care industry.
Over 200 guests, exhibitors, delegates and speakers attended the event at the Hilton in Blackpool and I was fortunate to meet and network with some great people during the conference. A special thanks to the following people for being such good company: David Hyner from Stretch Development Ltd, Caroline Lecko from the NHS Commissioning Board, Rachel Masters from County Durham NHS Foundation Trust, Drew Harding from Eclipse Creative Communication Ltd and all of the Team from NACC - you were a pleasure to spend time with.
Hats off also to Billie Moore and her team at McCullough Moore Ltd for putting together a seamless event and I struggle to remember such a professional and slick event, it had everything! I highly recommend them for any event management needs.
Presentation Techniques
During the event I delivered 2 workshops to over 150 people on the topic of 'How to Build Powerful Teams'. On the journey from Brighton to Blackpool I decided to send a message via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn asking people for their top tips when presenting to large groups. Although presenting is something I regularly do, I am always keen to refresh my skills, acquire new skills and remind myself of the techniques that I have used in the past.

How to Build Powerful Teams - Myself, in action at the conference using Belbin Team Profiling Tools.

I had a great response from my message, with some great suggestions and decided to focus on the following 3 suggestions during my workshops:
1. Check the Sound Volume (microphone or not). Ask for a thumbs up from the back of the room for clarification that they can hear you. I also find this breaks the ice and creates some interaction with the audience.
2. Remember to Pause. A good friend of mine, Alison Clarke from Dramatic Results always talks about ‘using the pause’. Have confidence that the pause will project confidence and control. It will also give the audience time to absorb what you are saying.
3. Imagine the Audience Naked! Not as silly as it may sound. I tried this for the first time at Blackpool and at least I was presenting with a BIG SMILE on my face!
To see a list of all of the tips people suggested, please follow the link 
Special thanks to the following people for their presentation ‘top tips’: Carmen Hunter-Rice, Alison Clarke and Victoria Lidbetter (and everyone else for your tweets and messages).
Kung Fu Panda Meets George Michael
On the last evening of the event there was a tremendous Gala Awards Dinner as the NACC Celebrated 25 years.
It was another great opportunity to network and meet some great people.
At the beginning of the evening I was approached by a delegate who came to thank me for what they had thought was a great session that I had delivered earlier on that afternoon. However, they explained, they had initially come to my session because they had heard George Michael was delivering a workshop?!
Although amusing, I was somewhat disappointed, as I had assumed the session was full due to the interest in the subject matter rather than my (apparent) resemblance to George Michael!
Anyway, during the evening I had the pleasure of sitting alongside some very interesting people - particularly David Hyner from Stretch Development Ltd who was the Keynote Speaker and presenting the next morning. A great evening was had by all and a big congratulations to all those who won Awards – see here for the Award winners
Early the next morning the delegates, suppliers and guests battled through their hangovers to attend the business-networking breakfast and to see the final guest speaker, David Hyner. His talk was called 'The MASSIVE Goal principle' during which he concluded that Realistic and Achievable goals do NOT work. It was definitely worth getting up for! After an evening of enjoying David's company, his presentation did not disappoint. 
In his session David pointed out how many amazing things would not have been achieved if people had kept their goals Achievable and Realistic. Thinking about the recent feat by Felix Baumgartner - who would have ever imagined someone could have realistically sky dived from 23 miles and broken the sound barrier? Who would ever have thought that to be achievable!

David talked about how SMART goals can often limit people. Hard to disagree. 
After sharing with David the story of my apparent resemblance to George Michael, he also confessed that in the past that he has been mistaken for Kung Fu Panda - so as well as a great conference it turned out to be the event where George Michael met Kung Fu Panda!

Do you think there is any resemblance?

            David Hyner               Kung Fu Panda

   Gary Elton-Shewan        George Michael

Maybe not!

Anyway, don't forget if you are interested in getting a practical Coaching & Mentoring Qualification, we are running an open course in Brighton from January 24th, see here for more details.

Look forward to catching up next month,

My best regards,
Gary Elton-Shewan
07843 593534

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