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Ho ho ho, just a couple of days to go now! I hope you all enjoy our festive newsletter, and try out our recipes. Thank you so much to you all for your support with getting the newsletter up and running.

Can I remind you all that it’s for members, so you can all contribute in any way you feel fit, with interesting articles, or news from your region. I’m hoping to start a couple of additional features in the new year - welcoming newcomers to the industry, and to the NACC, a careers section, and spotlight features on roles within the industry. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to any of these, or indeed, if you would like a specific topic covered?

Good luck to everyone working over Christmas and New Year. Remember to take pictures of any events that you get involved with throughout the festive period. Also, it would be nice to hear from any of you delivering services on Christmas Day. Pen me a quick email, and you’ll certainly get a mention in our next edition!

Merry Christmas and all the very, very best for 2013!


We hope you recieved your little present from us in time for Christmas!
Make sure 11-13 September 2013 is in your diary for another exciting Development Forum at the Hilton Hotel Blackpool.


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NACC Web Banner 780 CLICK HERE to read Bev Puxley's fantastic review of the 2012 event

For those who missed our Training and Development Forum 2012, the list of winners is as below:

Region of the year- South East
Sustainability Award 2012 - Bristol Meals Service
Hydration Award 2012- Leeds Older People Matter Group
Catering Team/Individual of the Year Award 2012 - Christine Hamilton
Care Establishment of the Year Award 2012 - Oak House
Community Meals Award 2012 - Domestic Care
Innovation or Achievement Award 2012 - Norse Commercial Services
Pam Rhodes Outstanding Achievement Award 2012 - Angela Elkholy
National Chairman's Award 2012 - Carol Harris
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Christmas food safety tips with a twist

The Food Standards Agency has traditionally used the festive season to remind consumers about food safety. This year, we are planning a twist on this tradition. During the run up to Christmas, we will be tweeting daily tips, hosting an online advent calendar and a festive info graphic with all the tips you need to make sure your Christmas meal is fit for kings.

NACC Regional Update - North

The last Northern NACC meeting was held at York Brewery, where our theme was Hydration. Not only did we all have a fantastic talk by Derek and Emma from Leeds City Council on Hydration, we all enjoyed a fantastic tour of the brewery. Our festive lunch was well enjoyed, raffle tickets were sold, and quizzes were completed. Everyone left the day better educated, full of good food, and very merry for Christmas. We are also proud to report that we raised £50 for The Prostate Cancer Research Charity.

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Delivering meals with Harrogate Neighbours by Andrew Jones
Delivering meals with Harrogate I have just been delivering meals for the elderly with the Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association, through their Food Angels arm, and have met some wonderful people.
All the food that is delivered is freshly prepared and cooked at Greenfield Court by the Harrogate Neighbours team, and then a team of volunteers go out and deliver them to the home so that when it arrives the food is hot and nourishing. And they do this every day.

Wewere delivering to some of the more elderly in our community, and itwas clear how much they welcomed the arrival of the Food Angels. It wasnot just for the food, however, the visit and the company was also veryimportant. They really do appreciate having someone take the time tocome into their home and talk to them and set them up for what could betheir only hot meal of the day.
I went out with a volunteer calledSteve who has been delivering with the Food Angels since they startedthis arm of the Association and has built friendships with the people hedelivers to and they are happy to see him.Food Angels are seeing more and more demand for their service. It is easy to see why.

NACC Regional Update - South East

South East pic small
Pictured: Karen Oliver and Sarah Gray with South East Committee Neel Radia (Chair), Catherine Kidd (Deputy) and Joanne Best (Secretary).
South East Win Region of the Year Award at the NACC Awards Night in Blackpool

In this keenly and closely contested category the judges declared South East the winning region. Considered outstanding was the growth in membership, interesting and profitable meetings, and a well-produced regional newsletter.

The South East has seen a 43% growth in membership since June 2011, through active membership drives facilitated by South East Chair Neel Radia and made a profit of over £6000 through seminars and accredited training events including RSPH level 2 and 4 courses.

Angela Elkholy Receives Honorary Membership

Angela Elkholy a longstanding member of the NACC and for those of us old enough to remember, the Advisory Body for Social Services Catering awarded Honorary membership for her contribution to the NACC.
Back in 2000, Angela held the post of deputy chair of the SE region and chaired the region 3 years later.

She has been a committed and steadfast member of the NACC and has been involved in so many different hands-on activities, such as the Quality Standard Indicators for Catering and at regional and national executive levels.

Angela has been a true advocate of the Care Catering services, with a great understanding of expectations, with a wide range of experience and information sharing with colleagues from the Association to promote and assist best practice.

Angela is now retired from her Contract Monitoring Officer post at London Borough of Tower Hamlets, but true to nature is still actively involved with the NACC attending regional meetings as well as more recently representing the South East Region at National Executive meetings.

South East pic 2 small

Pictured Angela receiving membership at the NACC AGM

NACC Regional Update - Midlands

At the last Midlands Regional meet a concsious effort commenced to recruit new members. Louise Anderson, Chair, introduced our latest recruit.

County Enterprise Foods are working with Age UK in Nottinghamshire in a campaign to combat loneliness. Drives have pledged their time to assist with this. Midland Pic 2 small

NACC Regional Update - Scotland

Scotland pic small
Photo was:
Joyce Gordon, ELC Home Care Support Organiser (meals)
William Hoy, Manager Brunton Court
Brian La Combre, apetito Catering Consultant
Will Kay, Driver, Wiltshire Farm Foods.
East Lothian Council arranges the delivery of meals to the homes of almost 500 people across the county.
No matter what weather we’ve had to contend with, the meals have always managed to get through!
The winter of 2010/11 was particularly severe and for some of the more rural households, deliveries were made by staff on foot.
The council’s social care spokesman, councillor Donald Grant, said: “The council’s home meals service is vital for people who are less able to go shopping or prepare meals.
“During the winter months, staff have faced considerable challenges with deliveries but still managed to visit each household.
“The personal contact during winter, particularly for those living in more rural areas, also helps to tackle any feelings of isolation that some folk may feel.
“Although we hope this year the weather won’t be so severe, both council staff and our partners at Apetito and Wiltshire Farm Food are prepared to make sure the service runs smoothly.”

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NACC Regional Update - South West

Community Meals Month

A report on meals delivery and lunch club services in Dorset during October

Hot Meals Delivered in Dorset and Surrounds on October 1st 2012

Verwood Tuesday Lunch Club

NHS News
With the winter flu season in full swing and a chorus of experts predicting that it's only a matter of time before a pandemic wipes out half the planet, it is comforting to reflect that however severe the threat and however great the loss of life there will always be someone producing guidance to light us through our darkest hours.
To illustrate how little has changed over the years CLICK HERE to view several extracts from the Department of Pestilence, Ague and Agonising Death's guidance of 1665.
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