Nutrition and Hydration Week 2014

We are passionate about driving health and social care nutritional care through improving, highlighting and demonstrating good nutrition and hydration practices.  To enable this to have the biggest impact possible we have created a Nutrition and Hydration Week to demonstrate this. This is a platform to enable you and your colleagues wherever you are in the UK to join us in continuing the quest to eradicate avoidable under nourishment and dehydration in every health and social care setting.

The aim of the week is to illustrate how, by making changes to eating and drinking habits, people can improve their quality of life. The campaign will benefit professionals and staff within social and healthcare settings by showing them the preventative role they can play in catalysing a reduction in malnutrition-related illnesses that often require complex treatments, prolong recovery periods, delayed hospital discharges all increasing health costs and in a community setting can lead to expensive social care packages. It will demonstrate to carers, patients, service users and customers the good work that is taking place to eradicate avoidable malnutrition and dehydration and raise their awareness of these issues.

Although early in our planning stage the dates are set, so put these in your diary: 17th to 23rd March 2014. On Wednesday 19th March you, your fellow colleagues, patients, residents and customers are invited to join us in creating,  hopefully, the biggest tea party the world has ever seen.

To help you become further engaged you we will be circulating information in the lead up to the week. Click here for a copy of the planning handbook stuffed full of ideas of how to become involved and tips about making your life easier to take part in the week.

If you have any ideas about how to develop the week we are always looking for them!

Ending avoidable under nutrition and dehydration continues here but can only happen with your help and support. Be a part of it!

Derek Johnson NACC Immediate Past Chair NACC Nutrition and Hydration Week Lead

Neel Radia NACC National Chair
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