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Meals on Wheels Week 4th to 8th November 2019

The focus this year will be on ‘More than just a meal’ and the joy meal services brings to those who receive them – whether via meals on wheels, day centres or lunch clubs.

The objectives of the week are:

• To raise the profile and awareness of meals on wheels
• To highlight the social, economic, psychological and preventative benefits of meals on wheels services in UK
• To build public support for local meal services
• To address loneliness, social isolation and safety in the community

We invite you to get involved with this years activities, some of which are listed below on how you can make a difference.

VIP’s on Wheels
Due to last years success of VIP on Wheels as an association we have decided to carry on with this initiative and invite you as members to get involved whether you provide the meals on wheels service or work in care setting.

We call out to you to invite local leaders – including MPs, local celebrities, council members, CCG, Social Care managers, business leaders and local journalists – to join you for the morning and go out on meals on wheels rounds or a have lunch at your lunch clubs or care settings so they can experience first-hand the real difference the service makes to those in your care.

Have a party
Celebrate meals on wheels week at a regular Lunch Club or in your care homes. Provide a special or themed menu perhaps even organise taster sessions of new foods. Invite special guests or a local choir. Whatever you choose to do, make it a celebration of the lunch club and people eating together.

Pop up Lunch Club
Organise a pop-up lunch club. If there isn’t a regular lunch club locally organise a pop-up. This could be at a school, a community centre or church hall. Work with local groups and organisations to invite people along.

These are just a few ideas to get involved. Please also share what you are doing with the NACC and together we can share these with the media and via social media.


Meals on Wheels Report
Last year the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) has launched a report on the current state of the Meals on Wheels service in the UK. The report and research was conducted by the Association of Public Sector Excellence (APSE) on our behalf. The Report is available to download PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Meals on Wheels Case Studies

Last year the NACC in partnership with charity Sustain launched 6 NACC member Meals on Wheels case studies to highlight the services our members are running and sharing best practice on what they are doing to keep the services running, looking at innovation and alternative solutions. To view the Case Studies PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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