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How to Manage Choking Risks and Meet your IDDSI Obligations & Managing Staff Performance

How to Manage Choking Risks and Meet your IDDSI Obligations & Managing Staff Performance



IDDSI How to Manage Risks and Meet your IDDSI Obligations​
Course Overview
• Background on choking and dysphagia – relevance and risk in context
• Understanding the IDDSI framework – background and overview
• Chef perspective on IDDSI – what is really needed with cookery and what equipment do I need
• Catering manager perspective on IDDSI – what all catering staff needs to know and managing care communications
• Care home manager perspective – what do care and other front line staff need to know and how to manage the full framework implementation
• Implementing the right training and measurements
• Writing a policy section to cover IDDSI
• Working to get the best out of the SALT

Learning outcomes
• Understand the full risk implications relating to choking and dysphagia
• Understand the IDDSI framework, resources and tools available
• Know how to audit against it
• Know how to identify training needs
• Apply safe practice tips to their site

Who is the course for?
• Care Home Managers
• Catering Managers
• Head Chef
• Lead roles in care
homes responsible for

Please Note: This is NOT a practical course for Chefs in texture modification though will signpost to these.

Managing Staff Performance

Course Overview

• Exploring the make-up of your Care Catering Team and how we can get more out of people.
• SMART action plans, giving feedback, record keeping and knowing the best ways to motivate are all included.
• Staff appraisal, supervisions and coaching will highlight how we can move individuals to perform better through support, target setting and personal development.
• How we approach the matter of gathering records (audit trails) and evidence to
effectively manage those who are not performing as required.
• Finally, we will consider how we can manage those who display difficult workplace behaviour that goes well beyond the acceptable or norm.

Learning Outcomes
• The various ways and options to performance manage your Care Catering Team
• Giving feedback
• SMART action planning
• An overview of the GROW model of coaching and managing the really ‘difficult
to manage’

Who is the course for
Chefs, senior chefs and all those in or recently promoted to a management, team leadership or supervisory position who have responsibility for managing the performance of others.

Location: Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham, B5 7QU

National Association of Care Catering

Course Details

Course Date

20th November 2018

Course Location


Course Duration

09:00 -16:00

Course Price

Member: £150.00 exc. VAT
Non Member: £220.00 exc. VAT

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