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Rhianna Quenault - Communications and Engagement Manager, Health & Independent Living Support

HILS has been a member of the NACC for over 10 years. During difficult years for local authority finances, a global pandemic, and the national pressures of an ageing population, the NACC has been a vital advocate and supporter of meals on wheels and the preventative benefits it brings to the lives of older, disabled, and vulnerable people. Their endorsement and vocal backing of the service has helped HILS continue to grow and improve, enabling tens of thousands of older and disabled clients to receive this invaluable support.

Donna Steeden - Support Services Manager, Quantum Care

Having been a member of the formally named ABSSC, now the NACC I continue to feel the benefits of my membership. Being a member gives you the opportunity to share good practice and I feel the NACC is unique in how open members are in doing this. Putting care catering in the spotlight can only benefit it and encourage people to continuously improve the service they provide.

The NACC always seeks your views and arranges presentations that are key to you at that time.

I believe the NACC plays a vital role in highlighting the issues around care catering and provides an essential link with government so that they can influence future thinking.

Mark Meacham - Head of Catering & Housekeeping Support Services, HC-One

I am delighted to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) for their unwavering commitment to excellence. As a longstanding member, HC-One has immensely benefited from NACC's invaluable resources and industry insights. The ongoing website update is a testament to NACC's dedication to staying current and relevant. I wholeheartedly endorse NACC as an indispensable ally for organisations in the care sector. It is an honour to contribute a testimonial, and I encourage fellow members to join in showcasing the collective strength and impact of our community.

Brian Preston - Catering Manager, Royal British Legion

The RBL joined the NACC over 6 years ago, with a visit by two chef managers to the seminar in Nottingham, where we were welcomed in with open arms. To be involved with the NACC is a joy, people are helpful and friendly, all of them looking out to help you improve your style of catering, We all have similar issues, and we all solve them in different ways, being able to talk to other members makes that much easier. Regional meeting always put a new spin on how we function, always thought provoking.

Leni Wood - Head of Nutrition & Wellness, Nellsar Care Homes

Nellsar Care Homes fully committed to developing the nutrition and catering services throughout their 13 homes in 2017. I joined Nellsar as part of this commitment to change in the same year – as an inhouse nutrition specialist – and from there to now, things have gone from strength to strength. In 2018, I signed Nellsar up to the NACC’s membership and attended my first NACC Catering Forum. The industry guidance and resources have helped me to guide Nellsar’s development and have been an essential support for me professionally. The forums allow me to update my knowledge each year, and to network with other partners and members. Connecting with a broader care home catering community in this way instils a confidence in me that we are all striving towards the same goals.

Andrew Stokes - Service Manager, Fife Council

Facilities Management Services in Fife Council decided to join the NACC mainly due to the support, networking and collaboration the membership provides. We very much enjoyed attending the Expo in Nottingham last year and made good connections and relationships with colleagues in other local authorities. Catering within our care homes is fundamentally important and something we take great pride in having the responsibility to deliver, on behalf of Fife Health & Social Care. We look forward to working with the NACC, and our colleagues across other care catering providers, in 2024.