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Christine Hamilton

Four Seasons Health Care

I initially took up individual membership after taking up my role with Four Seasons Health Care in 2007 and was immediately struck by how welcoming and helpful everyone in the NACC was. Being new to the care sector I was immensely grateful for the advice, support and networking opportunities it offered and ensured FSHC took out corporate membership in 2008. Throughout the past 10 years we have benefitted from Care Chef of the Year competitions, inspiring our catering teams and giving us some great PR. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase our catering expertise at national exhibitions, present at various regional events and attend some highly prestigious events, all of which just would not have happened without NACC.

Stephen McCaffery

Healthcare, Bidfood

“I have found the events run by the NACC northern region to be interesting, informative and a great resource to help us broaden our general understanding of the care sector. The events have also provided me with an ideal environment to connect with influential key members within the local area. They have been a valuable opportunity to gain further insight into the needs of our customers and to share best practice to allow us to support the care sector as a whole.”

Shaaron Caratella

Barchester Healthcare

Mervyn Knights and his Hospitality team. Mervyn and his team appreciate the importance of food and are dedicated to ensuring that their residents dine well every day. Residents who are living with Dementia, Parkinson’s disease and strokes are offered varied seasonal home cooked meals from private dining to puree (only if required). Mervyn recognises that providing good food is a challenge but insists that it can be done. He believes that the perception of older people in care homes not having gourmet food and not being associated with Michelin Stars and celebrity chefs should be a thing of the past. He and his team believe that the dining experience must be special and they work towards providing that experience every day.

Jennie Dettmer & Janet Carroll

Bel UK Ltd

“Great stand location this year, great to have video. Had some good meet the buyer appointments.”

Oliver Smith

Hadrian Healthcare Group

"NACC North Region meetings always bring likeminded individuals together to share information, stories and best practice to a wide range of members. I always leave having learnt something new or gained a new contact to help me better my business. At the core of each event is the heart felt messages and presentations that bring us together to produce a better care environment."

Matt White

Tuco Ltd

"I love attending the TDF, it is an honour to be invited. I always learn so much that can be transferred across the sectors in which we operate. Thank you for inviting Tuco to be part of this informative and educational event."

Gwaine Cook


“Good mix of customers, time to promote the business in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Anita Carthew

“There is such a good atmosphere at the NACC conference – it’s very easy to speak to people, either on the stand or literally as you are wandering around."