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Patrons & Ambassadors

The NACC benefits from the expertise, knowledge and support of its patron, the esteemed and influential politician, campaigner and advocate of the interests of older people, Baroness Sally Greengross, and its ambassadors Chris and Jayne Roberts, who know first hand the challenges of living with dementia. They play a vital role in raising awareness of the NACC’s work within the catering and care sectors, and beyond.

Baroness Barker

With a long history of influence and interest around improving areas of charities, social enterprises, healthcare and older people, As patron, she will share her expertise to help shape campaigns and initiatives and support the work of the association where appropriate.

Baroness Barker has worked on a wide range of legislation relating to health and social care and is currently working on the amendment of the Mental Capacity Act. She is a longstanding member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Older People and CEO of Third Sector Business, a management consultancy that specialises in charities and social enterprises in the UK and internationally.

Chris and Jayne Roberts

Chris and Jayne are committed to educating others about dementias, drawing on their particular experiences. Jayne’s mother has a diagnosis of dementia and, in early 50s Chris also has a diagnosis of mixed dementia, vascular damage and Alzheimer’s. At the NACC Training and Development Forum they spoke candidly about the fact that care homes and care provision are not appropriate for Chris’s age group.

"We are pleased to be ambassadors for the National Association of Care Catering. Nutrition is so important for everyone, especially for people living with dementia. The colours, taste, texture and ease to swallow improve their quality of life and health. It’s fantastic that this association works very hard to achieve and continue to improve on the provision of the right food for the very people that need it. We, on behalf of those that can’t always speak out, thank them for helping to improve our lives."

Chris and Jayne are: Dementia Friends champions: ambassadors for the Alzheimer’s Society; champions for Join Dementia Research; and members of the Dementia Policy Think Tank for DEEP. They also contribute to many working and advisory groups for dementia related networks, including the Prime Minister’s Task and Finish Group for the 2020 dementia challenge, and are members of the European Working Group for People with Dementia.