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The NACC members are at the front line of care catering and overcome challenges and push boundaries to deliver excellence and innovation daily. The sharing of best practice is actively encouraged and essential to inspire new ideas and approaches. Here’s some great examples of progressive care catering.

This is a small sample of resources and downloads available to you, please log into the Members Area to view all Case Studies, Recipes, Best Practise and our Resource Library.

Finding the Fun in Dementia

This resource has been written by Karen Meenan of Making Hay Reminiscence Theatre in collaboration with Engaging Dementia. My name is Karen Meenan and I am the founder of Making Hay Reminiscence Theatre. In this booklet I share my experience of reminiscence and how it enabled my family to help my mother experience fun and joy in the years following her diagnosis with Alzheimer’s. I also give guidelines and suggestions for how you might use reminiscence to support you to connect with the person with dementia in your life. If you have recently received a diagnosis of dementia in your family or if you are a carer and you want to get to know your client a little better, you might find some of the suggested shared activities useful to you.

Food, nutrition and wellbeing an intrinsic link

Wellbeing is considered to be a state of feeling comfortable, healthy and happy. Sophie Murray, head of nutrition and hydration at Sunrise Senior Living and past deputy chair of the NACC, looks at the link between wellbeing and food in two ways: the physiological benefits and the dining experience.

Social Media: are you missing out?

Alvin Engutsamy, the social media manager for Brakes, has a simple message – if you’re not on social media you’re missing out! Here, he tells us why and shares his expertise and advice on how to make social media work for your organisation.

Dysphagia: the ongoing implementation of IDDSI

Since IDDSI (International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative) was launched in the UK in April 2019, its robust implementation has been an ongoing priority. Experts in the area of dysphagia diets and IDDSI, Preston Walker, the NACC Midlands chair, and Sophie Murray, the former NACC deputy chair, are representing care caterers at a national level. Here’s a round-up of the latest developments.

The Digital Road Ahead

Change is inevitable. Certainly, many things have changed over the past year. But how could things change going forward for the care catering sector? Nick Dutton ponders the topic of care catering and rapidly developing technology.

PPDS Labelling - will it affect your service?

As Natasha's Law comes into effect, Sally Trice, an expert trainer at food Allergy Aware, provides a valuable update and guide to ensure your service is compliant.

Sustainability - do we care?

It’s the big topic in a year when the UK hosts the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, the COP26, in Glasgow. Sustainability is on everyone’s lips, but we’ve also been talking about it for years and yet global warming seems to continue at an alarming rate. Nick Dutton asks, ‘is now the time the talking stops and the action begins?’

Think proactive, not reactive!

Chris Jackson, the national chair of NASHICS (National Association for Safety and Heath in Care Services) shares some sound advice on Health and Safety in the care catering environment – ‘Think proactive, not reactive!’