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Foodcare Systems Ltd


1 North Lynn Business Village,
Bergen Way,
King’s Lynn
PE30 2JG

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Foodcare is a family run business, founded over 25 years ago by our Managing Director, Barry Wells. Originally established to supply insulated trayware and meal management systems to serve patients in NHS hospitals, assisting with the delivery of over 1 million patient meals per month.

Over the years the business has evolved to create a core team who are passionate about supporting the Care Sector. This journey has been guided by Care Sector individuals requesting products that assist patients and care residents with physical difficulties.

We have been challenged to find products that encourage eating with independence, dignity, and to make every person sitting round a dining table or in a hospital bed feel included at mealtimes and not singled out.

The products we offer are designed to aid hydration and nutrition. We offer a multitude of solutions from specially adapted drinking cups and cutlery, right through to high end afternoon tea presentation and a fine dining experience. Our portfolio also supports chefs to provide essential items for back of house kitchens.

Colour has played a key part in our journey, which first began when we were asked to produce a dinnerware range that had a simple blue band to help encourage an increase in food intake for patients that have dementia.

Following research carried out by Sterling University it was discovered that the use of colour, in particular blue and red, elevated food from a dull plain white background, which resulted in a higher food intake with patients.

This research resulted in our successful blue band dinnerware range that is widely used throughout the NHS and in many care settings across the UK.

Further research has shown that other colours including red, green, and yellow helps enhance the colour of foods, making them more appetising. Colour has also been used to highlight levels of eating abilities, dietary needs, and if additional assistance or supervision is required at mealtimes.

Our team are here to support you. They have extensive knowledge to find solutions to improve the quality of life for patients and care residents. To find out more please contact us on 01553 770 148 or email