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"Hoshizaki UK are currently in the process of phasing out our current HFC applicances and replacing them with units using naturally occurring HC refrigerant."

"The hydrocarbon refrigerants present in the Hoshizaki UK portfolio have a zero Ozone Depletion Potential and a Global Warming Potential of just three compared to m ore damaging HFC's, resulting in more energy efficient, cost effective, refrigeration units."
Hoshizaki UK is committed to the development of new, innovative solutions for a constantly evolving marketplace and provides individually tailored solutions to meet the needs of care home caterers nationwide. Managing an efficient kitchen is crucial when rising to the challenge of providing for a growing number of residents with a comprehensive range of dietary needs. But access to durable, functional and economical equipment now means caterers are able to concentrate on delivering the best service and menu for their residents.

Refrigeration is a key element of any kitchen, however finances are often top of the list of constraints when it comes to purchasing any new equipment, meaning energy efficiency and product lifecycle is at risk of being overlooked.

In July 2016, the industry saw the introduction of the EU EcoDesign Directive, a labelling incentive meaning all products sold within the EU must clearly label the energy efficiency of their products. Whilst the directive contributes to the lowering of EU emissions, it also offers an opportunity for purchasers to begin to think about efficiency as part of their buying decision. Care home caterers can refer to the regulated labelling system to ensure they’re purchasing the most energy efficient refrigerator, reducing their carbon footprint, and ultimately reducing their annual energy bill.

But why is this beneficial for those who just want a reliable product? The overall lifecycle of a unit is an important factor when specifying new kitchen equipment. Whilst purchase prices may initially seem higher, annual running costs are often drastically reduced with energy efficient machines, so that over its lifetime the unit is actually far more cost effective.

Improvements in technology also mean care home caterers are now getting more for the money they spend. For example, the award winning Gram SUPERIOR PLUS 72 is a forerunner in a new generation of energy efficient refrigeration. Innovations in design mean it’s 44 percent more efficient than its ‘best in class’ Plus 600 (Generation 4) predecessor. Energy use and running costs have decreased significantly from 509kWh year to 285kWh1. Based on a rate of 10p per kWh1, the average caterer can expect to spend only £28.50 per year on the Gram SUPERIORPLUS 72.

Manufacturers should also be committed to helping their buyers understand energy efficiency and care for their units. Gram refrigeration products, that now sit within the Hoshizaki company, all have a minimum of 3 years parts and labour warranty as standard. Hoshizaki UK is justly proud of its international reputation for bringing to market an extensive portfolio of pioneering products, including the Gram SUPERIOURPLUS 72, Eco and Midi ranges. Not only are they environmentally friendly, functional and durable, but their design helps to significantly decrease running costs at a time when energy bills are consistently on the rise. The hydrocarbon refrigerants present in the Hoshizaki UK portfolio have a zero Ozone Depletion Potential and a Global Warming Potential of just three compared to more damaging HFCs, resulting in more energy efficient, cost effective, refrigeration units.

Looking after the investment care home caterers make when purchasing their products means buyers can rest assured that, combined with great food labeling, storage, and unit maintenance, their focus can be firmly on making sure they serve up great dishes that everyone will enjoy.