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Thorpe Lea Manor
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Surrey TW20 8HY

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Kerrymaid understands the importance of good nutrition and hydration in the care
environment and is committed to helping care home caterers achieve best practice in every kitchen.
Kerrymaid works closely with its in house development chefs and nutrition team – and has teamed up with leading channel chef and NACC 2015 Care Cook of the Year finalist, Matt Dodge, to help bring ‘The Taste Of The Good Life’ to care homes nationwide.

Through its professionally developed range of great tasting dairy products, Kerrymaid delivers performance and versatility time and time again.

Approved by the Soil Association as a catering supplier for its Food for Life scheme, Kerrymaid has been recognised for its compliance within the care home kitchen environment.

“There’s a common misconception that as long as food is puréed it is safe to eat, but thickness and texture is just as important. Thick purée and fork mashable are the most common textures for people suffering with dysphagia, making food easier and safer to swallow.” Kerrymaid’s nutritionist, Caoimhe McQuaid