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Supporting the healthcare sector is extremely important to Premier Foods Foodservice. With an ageing population and the increasing prevalence of conditions such as dysphagia, dementia and diabetes posing additional challenges to caterers, the Premier Foods Foodservice team has developed solutions with this in mind.

As well as a range of products for care chefs, their extensive support has included a mix of practical training, workshops, on-going advice and support to the industry. The Premier Foods Foodservice? team has made huge progress in demystifying these often-misunderstood conditions and they continue to work collaboratively with the industry to understand the ongoing challenges caterers face through all stages of the supply chain.
Fortification has a significant impact in helping address the vitamin and mineral deficiencies within the healthcare sector. Several of the Premier Foods Foodservice products support addressing micro-nutrient deficiency concerns in the older population. Marvel Milk Powder and Marvel Instant Hot Chocolate have been fortified with vitamins A and D and are a good source of calcium and protein.

Batchelors was the first brand to introduce soups that are fortified with vitamins A and D to the foodservice market. Soup is a regular item on care home menus so making this simple swap will increase the nutritional value of your dishes and can save you time in making soups from scratch.

Dysphagia diets
Premier Foods Foodservice has worked with NACC members on dysphagia including running training sessions and creating recipes that support this important dietary need. All recipes follow the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), which standardises the framework for texture modified foods. Each recipe is cost-effective and uses ingredients and equipment that can be found in the average commercial kitchen.

Cutlery free dining
There are many health conditions and other reasons that mean people struggle with using cutlery. Premier Foods support and share cutlery free dining ideas so everyone can serve meals that will be enjoyed and support the maintenance of a balanced diet.

Care Catering Solutions Guide
Premier Foods has created a dedicated guide for care chefs which is packed full of advice and support. It’s free for you to download from their website at If you would like any further help or training from their culinary team, please email