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The Blixer® can turn entire meals, be they raw or cooked, into smooth or minced texture-modified dishes.

Our Blixers® are the only machines capable of processing both cooked and raw ingredients without having to add liquid, which dilutes their nutritional value. Blixers® can save chefs valuable time by allowing them to prepare the same meal for all their diners, with texture-modified versions of each course for those who require them. And, because they can now serve the same meal to all their diners, chefs can also contain the cost of raw materials.
With the Robot-Coupe juicers, you can juice high volumes of all types of fresh fruit and vegetables in a matter of seconds.

Drink straight from the glass or through a straw, ultra-fresh, pulp-free juices make delicious drinks.Naturally sweet, bursting with flavour and fun to make, they are popular with old and young alike – one of the rare things that people of all ages can agree on! A subtle way to encourage patients to consume vegetables as well as fruit and a great opportunity for nursing homes and hospitals to create an enjoyable activity and to reduce the waste of fruits.