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Midlands Region Summer Seminar 2024

Welcome to the Midlands Region Summer Seminar 2024

The NACC Midlands region will be hosting their Summer meeting in conjunction with the launch of the BDA Care Home Catering Digest, in Birmingham. This is to launch the first menu planning and food service guidelines for care homes for older adults, to support care homes to provide high quality food and drink services for residents in their care.

The guidelines provide information and tools that care home managers, nursing staff, carers and chefs can use to understand how to ensure that menus meet residents’ nutritional needs, together with guidance about how food service delivery can both enhance mealtime experience for residents and support them to meet their nutritional needs.

The Care Home Digest launch and study day will:
  • Focus on the use of food and enhancing the skills and knowledge of caterers to meet residents nutritional needs
  • Demonstrate how care homes can review their services to understand what they are already doing well and where improvements can be considered and made
  • Showcase care home catering teams where food-based, nutrient dense nutritional support is already being successfully implemented
  • Provide practical examples of incorporating nutrient density into modified texture meals and snacks
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