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Top tips for hot weather

Warm weather, time for a drink...

Keeping hydrated is always important, but particularly so during periods of hot weather, so... remember to keep drinking fluids.

Drinking helps maintain your body temperature, as well as helping with the following:
  • Helps your mental performance, keeps you alert
  • Prevents falls through fainting
  • Prevention of pressure sores
  • Preventing constipation
  • Preventing urinary tract infections
  • Prevents kidney & gall stones
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Helps prevent low blood pressure
  • Drinking more water will improve your oral health
  • If you have Diabetes, helps you manage your illness
Drinking plenty of fluid keeps you healthier even if it’s not too hot.
Research has proven that drinking more will not necessarily result in more toilet visits.

Tips for increasing fluid intake:
  • With any medication, have a full glass of water
  • Have a drink between meal times
  • Consider having a drink with your meals as well as a cup of tea or coffee afterwards
  • Ask your carer to leave you a drink, so you can keep drinking throughout the day...if you have a hot drink in a flask during the winter, the flask can be used to keep juice or squash cold on a hot day
  • Consume food with high water content such as ice lollies, jellies, salads and summer fruits
Some facts on fluids:
  • Dehydration is particularly dangerous for older persons. Symptoms arise suddenly and the consequences can be very serious
  • 3 in 10 people admitted to hospital are dehydrated. Older people are particularly at risk of dehydration
  • Extra drinks at no extra cost, drink tap water. The UK mains drinking water supply is safe to drink and of extremely high quality. Through strict regulation, the UK has one of the highest quality tap waters in the world
  • How much do you need? Up to 1.6 litres of fluid per day. That’s over 2.5 pints! Try drinking more by gradually increasing your intake to around 8 cups or 6 glasses daily
  • If you are perspiring/sweating then you are losing fluids, so you need to drink more to counteract this